Is Popping Pain Pills Popping Your Pants?

Is Popping Pain Pills Popping Your Pants?

New Study Shows Painkillers Increase Obesity Risk up to 95%

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You don’t need me to tell you that we’re in the midst of an obesity epidemic. Each year, the figures get worse. And the pain of it is, our diets aren’t the only cause for the problem. Many of those with computer-focused jobs are suffering weight gain because of stagnant lifestyles. We’re now finding out that even jet lag can cause weight gain. It seems as though, whatever we do, our waists suffer.

And, the obesity plot only thickened further at the start of this month, when a study revealed that many over-the-counter prescriptions were also responsible for our piling on the pounds. The study, conducted by Newcastle University, showed that those taking regular painkillers as well as another medication increase their risk of obesity by up to 95%. Statistics like those should be enough to make any of us sit up and take note. And, it seems those who take both opiates and cardio-metabolic drugs are most at risk. If you’re worried you fall into that category, read on to find out what you should do.

Recognize the problem

Recognizing the problem is half of the battle. Once you know the risks, you can make more informed decisions about where you go from here. Bear in mind that you shouldn’t just stop taking any of your medications. Instead, book an appointment with your doctor to talk things through. It may be that you can continue your prescriptions, and keep the risk at bay with regular exercise. It’s also worth finding out why it’s thought this concoction presents a problem. With opiates, it would seem that inactivity and cravings for sugary foods play at least some part. Knowing that, you can make a specific effort to reduce those risks.

Find new ways to ease the pain

As mentioned above, you should never stop taking medication without talking to your doctor. But, if you and your doctor do decide that removing painkillers would be best, it’s essential to find new ways of pain relief. There are plenty of natural remedies which can at least reduce your discomfort. While it might not seem like it now, gentle exercise, such as yoga, can go far. Again, though, check with your doctor before trying this. Read: Yoga for Bariatric Patients.

If you have back pain, supportive chairs would be worthwhile. You could also search for the best mattress for your back, like those mentioned in this guide. If you suffer with knee pain, a support or physio routine could be the answer. Do your research to find something which suits your situation. Then, put it into practice as soon as possible.

Drop the weight

If you have already suffered weight gain, it’s crucial you address the issue. This is a tricky thing to do, as the pain stops you from exercising, and only perpetuates the cycle. But, it’s essential you push through. As mentioned above, gentle exercise can help to ease the pain. On top of which, it stands to improve your waistline. Altering your dietcan also make a huge difference here.

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