My Life In Faith: Growing Up in a Scottish Clan

My Life In Faith: Growing Up in a Scottish Clan

* by Deb Lundquist

Meeting the Holy Spirit

Growing up in a ‘Scottish Clan’ with a Grandfather lovingly guiding it with an iron fist, I don’t remember not going to Church until I was 4 years old. Then, I gifted my Mother with the mumps, measles, the chicken pox and a lot of whining all in a month’s time. I had the best Mother in the world to still love me after all of that! Now, as a Mother myself, I honestly don’t know how she did it!

When we returned to Church, she took my brother and I to Sunday School, then she and my Dad went to the Sanctuary. Once things settled down, my teacher looked at me with daggers in her eyes and growled, “where have you been these 4 weeks?” I looked up at her and whispered, “I been ailing”. She pounced, “you are going to hell!” I remember it like yesterday! I screamed and raced out of the room before she could grab me and throw me to the hounds of hell! My brother, ever protective, came running out of his classroom trying to get to me and chased me into the silent Sanctuary as I yelled, “Mommy, Daddy, I’m going to hell, I’m going to hell!” over and over again. Of course, it was during silent prayer time.

After that, they couldn’t get me ready for Church. I would get absolutely hysterical. I knew the gate to hell was through the Sunday School door. Instead, on Sunday mornings as I saw people getting ready to get in their cars to drive to Church, I would stand on the front stoop and yell, “anyone want to play poker?” My Mother said I told her that if I was going to hell, I didn’t want to go alone.

It was 2 years later when it happened. I was 6. I was home alone with the babysitter playing with my brother’s matchbox cars in my Mother’s flower garden, both were definite no nos. I laughed out loud and said, “I won’t get in trouble because no one knows what I am doing.” Suddenly, there was a tap on my shoulder and the air around me changed. I looked around and there was no one there. Even though I felt uneasy, I kept playing. Pretty soon, there was another tap on my shoulder, “Little Debbie, you know what you are doing is wrong and I can see you even if no one else can.” I looked around and there was no one around, so I looked straight up into the sky and started shaking. You know, God does not use a whisper.

Quickly picking up my brother’s cars and straightening my Mother’s flower garden, I ran in the house and cleaned the cars and put them away. I ran into my bedroom and made myself as small as I could on my bed, my safe haven.

“How are you going to learn about Me if you don’t go to Church?” He asked. “I don’t know,” I said softly. I was scared to death. I mean, I thought I had lost it because I had misbehaved.

“Well, you have the Holy Spirit inside you.”

“I do?”



“Will you listen to him?”


“He will talk to you differently, He talks to you inside your head.”

“Oh, okay, as long as I don’t have to talk to you. You really scare me.” He giggled. Loudly.

And so, it started that very night. We would have ‘sessions’ every night where, after I would say my prayers, “Now I lay me …” the Holy Spirit and I would talk for 2 hours as He started teaching me about God and Jesus and Himself. As I grew, the sessions got deeper as my understanding of things could handle the reality of things. I didn’t stray far as a child because I knew better than any of my peers that we were being watched. I knew that I, in particular, was being watched because I knew things they didn’t know. I had the Holy Spirit asking me, “why are you doing that?”. I would have to stop.

I have a very special and unique relationship with the Holy Trinity. I know now that it was extremely unfair to my family to not be able to go to Church and my brother who doesn’t have the same relationship with God. I never shared my relationship with them.

Watching a Soul Go to Heaven

At the age of 16, I became engaged while still in High School. The way I was treated should have forewarned me of the future to come. At 17, the ‘family Dr.’ informed me that my future father-in-law had cancer and I was not to tell ‘the family’ or anyone. At 17, that was just too much of a burden and so I had to talk to my parents! After that, the cancer Doctor and I spoke at least twice a week for the next 3 years. Finally, in the last year of Joe’s life, his daughter guessed that somehow I knew the truth and called me on it. She called me at work. “Does Dad have cancer?” I was silent. ‘Your silence says it all. How long have you known? Why didn’t you tell us? Why do you know?” So, I had to tell her everything. She never liked me and this made her furious. “Well, keep us informed from now on!” Then she slammed the phone down.

Two weeks before he died, he went into a coma, which was a blessing. He was no longer in pain. His death was horrific and I won’t give you details, but I hope to never see another like it. Once it was over, my Mother, my Grandfather’s second wife who was an LPN, and I saw Joe’s spirit raise up from his body and head for the east window of the room. When it got there, it stopped. It looked back at Joe’s body. It looked at the 3 of us, turned and went. It had a head, of course, and a body, but no limbs. It was bluish in color, but not a cold blue. It was peaceful.

None of the family wanted to be in the room the last days of his life, including his wife. She could not handle losing the love of her life. Once the nurses cleaned his body, they told me to go get the family. I tried. No one would come in even though I told them his brain could still hear them. So, I went back in and told him that his soul was now in heaven.

Saved by Angels – Twice

I married the wrong man when I was too young, but I got a beautiful baby boy from it. I had a very difficult time divorcing him because I had been taught that it was wrong and the Holy Spirit wasn’t talking to me. Still, when the abuse got bad enough, I had no other choice.

My Mother came to my rescue again. I moved back to my home state and she handed me my first Bible. When I opened it, I heard a familiar voice, “It’s good to have you back.”

I cried, “I’ve missed you.”

“I’ve been here all the time.”

As I read the Bible, I was shocked. I already knew it. This was what I had been taught! It was so wonderful to see it in print. If I have questions, I just ask, although to be honest I still have problems understanding all of Revelation.

Moving forward, God revealed images of my second husband to me 3 years before we met, even while I was married to my ex. The closer we got to meeting, the more information I was given so that when he appeared, I didn’t even know how to react! When my beautiful boy met him for the first time he said, “Daddy, Daddy, you finally comed!” He was in love. Six months later, the 3 of us were married, with 3 wedding rings. When my little man was 6, the man of my dreams adopted him and God had fulfilled my dreams with all that, plus He added a little girl into the mix.

One day, before our little darling was born, I was driving along in my little brown Toyota Corolla, my little chocolate chip named Betsy, of course. I had our son in the car with me and we were headed to his baby-sitter, Madgy.  We’d traveled this road often in rain and snow and sunshine. I had driven this car through blizzards in Michigan with snow so high on the road other cars got stuck, but my little chocolate chip hugged the road and never slipped or slid, that is until this day. We started doing donuts, turning in circles down the road in dizzying speed. There were utility poles on both sides of the road and I just knew that this was the end. I removed my hands from the steering wheel, I was just fighting it anyway, and stopped applying the brakes. I threw myself across my little son’s body even though we were wearing seat belts and prayed to God to save us from this situation. We stopped moving.

I sat up and looked out the windows and discovered that we were in some farmer’s field, buried past the bottom of the door in sinking mud. We were stuck. We were at least 150 feet from the road. I bent over to retrieve my purse and my son said, “Mommy, there is a man at the window.” Being brave, I ever so slightly rolled the window down and asked, “Can I help you?”  I know, not horribly intelligent, but what can I say. The man, who was as wide as the door of the car, leaned down and said, “We thought we could help you, put the car in neutral.”  I did what he asked. I noticed that he wore a brown tweed jacket and a big floppy brimmed hat. I also realized that I never saw his face.

I looked out the front windshield and saw that there were two of him in front of the car, or maybe I should say two men the same size wearing exactly the same coat and hat. I looked in the rear-view mirror and saw the same thing, two more men of the same size and wearing the same clothing. Before I could assimilate this, I heard, “Which way were you headed?”  I realized that we had suddenly reached the road. They turned the car around to the opposite direction. Then, they were gone. There was no vehicle on the road in front or behind me. No traces of footprints in the mud and amazingly no mud in the tailpipe.

I drove to the babysitters and was shaking like a leaf when we arrived. She and her husband were concerned and asked what had happened. When I told them, her husband went out and investigated the car. When he came back into the house, he said that there was mud everywhere even half way up the door, but that there was no damage to the car and that it was safe to drive.

This was my first experience with Angels. One that morphed into four. It took me years to grasp the entirety of what happened on that day!

At 45, my husband wanted me to retire. I did, just not as we expected. I had a horrible accident in which all the Emergency people said that I should not have survived. I did, though, and I think it is because God was not done with me. He still had work for me to do. They should have had to cut me out of the car with the jaws of life, but I walked out unharmed, except for what I thought was a bleeding arm. All of the sudden, I heard a voice, “I think it would be prudent to get out of the car now.”

I replied, “oh yes, good idea.”

Then a man’s voice, “you might want to turn off the car.”

“Oh, yes another good idea!” When I got out of the car, I realized no one was near it and everyone was frozen in place. It had been Angels yet again who had protected me.

As a result of the accident, I developed Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy/Complex Regional Pain Syndrome 2 which is the worst pain known to man and I have it throughout my whole body. It is horrific, absolutely horrific. My pain was often off the pain chart even with pain medication and because of this, my faith only grew! I never asked why, I only asked for help! When it got to the point where I couldn’t handle it anymore, I would ask Jesus to knock me out and when I woke to please let the pain be less. Before I knew it, I would wake up after 5 hours with a pain of Level 2.

Spiritual Warfare

During the 4.5 years before God helped the Doctors put my RSD/CRPS to sleep, my daughter and I took Spiritual Warfare classes and it is a good thing that I did. It is said that when you take these classes, you tend to get attacked. Well, it was true for me! Now I recognize it for us and others and I know how to protect ourselves. It is very frightening though, especially the second time!

The first time we were attacked, I was in the house by myself. We lived in a tri-level and I was on the lower level. I was sitting in a chair reading the Bible when there came a very loud crash upstairs right above my head. I quickly laid the Bible down and ran upstairs. I looked and looked and could find nothing wrong. Finally, I gave up. I went back down to the lower level and the Bible was gone. Vanished. Nowhere to be found. I knew exactly what had happened.

I started Spiritual Warfare right then and there and I got louder and louder. I kept making the sign of the cross on my body and I kept telling the Devil to leave my house and I kept calling on the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit and I kept saying it over and over again. I would get louder and I would say I am putting my foot down now and I got the cross and I kept going around the room and all of the sudden the Bible came hurling out of thin air and landed at my feet open at the spot where I had been reading! I thanked God! I was shaking like a leaf! I ran and got every Bible I could find and put one open in every room in the house! Then I went back downstairs and I had a session with the Holy Spirit.

A few nights later, I awoke and standing at the dresser at the foot of the bed was a green thing about 5’9” with red eyes looking at me. I sat up in bed. I had my Bible next to the bed. I grabbed it, the whole time staring at this thing. I was totally wide awake. I started the whole Spiritual Warfare process again! I don’t know how long it took. It started getting shorter and shorter and I started feeling stronger and stronger and I just continued with what I was doing until it was completely gone! When it was gone, I said the Lord’s Prayer and Thanked God again for protecting the house and since then every night I ask God to put a protective hedge around the house to protect us from the Devil and all his minions.

I was awakened again several nights later, but this time there was the most beautiful Angel by my bed. I have never seen a being more glorious than she was. She was glowing and floating off the floor. She was dressed in a glowing gown of I guess you could call it white, but that doesn’t do it justice and her hair was golden blond, but that doesn’t do it justice, either. She was smiling and she gave me a cute little wave, then she pointed to the wall of the bedroom which had mysteriously disappeared.

In its place was a spectacular meadow. At the edge of the meadow was a tree line. There was a gentle breeze blowing. I could feel it on my face. I could hear birds singing and saw a few flying about with butterflies flitting here and there. The sky was such a pristine blue, a color I’ve never seen before, with not one cloud in it and the light was above all imagining. The best way I know to describe it is to say that it was pure and revitalizing. It was heavenly. When I looked back at the angel, she smiled such a serene smile, waved at me and was gone. The meadow vanished and the bedroom wall was back where it belonged. I was at such a sense of peace. I had had a glimpse of heaven. A gift for fighting and winning against evil. It can be done. I had done it and I had been rewarded and every time I remember that, a feeling of calm comes over me that is impossible to explain.

Learning My Life Mission

One night in prayers, I asked God to meet me for tea and bring his bag of tricks so he could take this pain away and give me something much less that wouldn’t kill me. He did in my sleep.

My Drs. put the RSD/CRPS to sleep on the day of my nephew’s wedding for 7 heavenly years and they are able to keep it there. After it was put to sleep, we discovered that I have Fibromyalgia and other chronic pain diseases as well as several autoimmune diseases. When I discovered this, I went out to the car, put my hands in the air and said, “I don’t appreciate your sense of humor God! What am I supposed to do with this?” The answer was swift and, of course, loud, “EDUCATE!”

And so, that is what I do. I have a support group on Facebook, Your Fibromyalgia. I have a webpage, with articles for patients, support/care people and doubters, a Fibromyalgia quiz, my story, and access to all of my Radio Shows and Interviews, as well as a few nutritional products that I feel are helpful, the best and the safest, and I have an online Radio Show, Lives Changed, a show about Fibromyalgia and as such other chronic pain,


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