New Dangerous Fibromyalgia Pain Treatment Drug

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A Drug For Fibromyalgia Pain Treatment said to be 100 times more potent than heroin has caused more than 40 overdoses and at least 10 deaths within a 12-day span in the Sacramento area.Health officials are warning people to watch out for counterfeit pills containing Fentanyl, a powerful synthetic opiate usually prescribed to cancer patients and used to treat chronic pain. The deadly Fibromyalgia Pain Treatment drug is being sold on the street as Norco, a less potent opiate, and runs from $3 to $5 a pill. Natasha Butler says her 28-year-old son Jerome recently died after buying the drug from someone thinking that it was Norco.
Jerome Butler pictured with his 3 children”
“It shut down his organs.Drug For Fibromyalgia Pain Treatment  shut down his kidneys. It shut down his liver. His brain was swollen. The doctor said he said there was nothing he could do for him. From one pill,” Butler said.According to DEA agent John Martin, the drug is being smuggled into U.S. from China and Mexico. “We believe it is manufactured in China, it is being distributed to Mexico, it is brought up through the normal drug smuggling routes of the southwest border,” Martin said
Suffering are unaware new fibromyalgia treat drug is very dangerous.
The fibromyalgia pain treatment is also being mixed with heroin to increase its potency and it is a also oftently sold as  heroine, whose users are the most at risk for dyng from the drug.
The number of people in sacrrcmento country CA  who have become effacted after overdosing on disguised fentanyl drug has risen to 48 according to the health department of the 48 people effacted , 9 person have been died in Sacramento countary, CA  and one person has  died in Yolo country. This is said by Sacramento Health department.

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