What My Wedding Day Was Like as a Person With Fibromyalgia

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They say a picture worth a thousand words, but sometimes that’s only half the story.

Our wedding day was so much fun! We laughed the entire time, I was surrounded by my favorite people and I got to marry the man of my dreams. Everyone had a great day, and you couldn’t wipe the smile off my face!

But underneath I was so worried.

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Not about the wedding stuff. I had done all I could to prepare for it, and whatever happened next, we would just roll with. 

We got married in July because I was “due” to have a flare-up of fibromyalgia in August. I didn’t bring this on myself because I was thinking negatively. I was being realistic and planning ahead. You have to take these things into consideration when you have a chronic illness.

While planning the wedding, a lot of people were surprised at how calm I was. But as a big event approaches, we can’t afford to get too stressed and risk having a flare-up. 

There’s a lot of compromise. I had always wanted to make my invitations, but that was a bit more than I could handle at the time, so we ordered them online and they were beautiful.

Even the morning of our wedding day, I chilled out, secretly fearing that if I got too excited too early I would use up all my energy and crash before the reception. So I stayed calm, made sure we had plenty of time to get ready and gave everyone jobs. Delegation is a brilliant thing!

The day was amazing, and I’m so thankful for everyone’s help. I did need a couple energy drinks to make it through the day without a nap (I paid for it the following week), and that was to be expected.

My illness is already having a huge impact on our entire marriage, and we’re only a couple months in. My husband knew marrying me meant a lot more than the usual ups and downs of marriage, but this is my life. And now it’s his, too.


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